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YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 in YouTube in 2020 | Mithyl Dave

👉How to Do Youtube SEO in Right Way 9 Key Points While Posting You New Video (Complete guide)

👉After Growing one channel successfully of my client hitting 10k Subs I have taken out these top 10 points I always follow while posting my new videos.

1. Write a Compelling Title

This is your video’s headline. If it showed up in a search, would you click on it?

Use Emojis & Use Scarcity Based Headline That Actually Pushes the User to click on your video.

2. Enter a Complete Description

Write Down all the 5000 letters (Not Words) which is given by youtube in the default manner.

Use the Keyword Density to 2% ( Put down the keywords in description that your video all about ) Mix the Keyword with LSI (Example – Digital Marketing Course (Main Keyword) Digital marketing training, Digital Marketing Institute (These are Called LSI Keywords Which are Closely related to your main keywords) Use the mixture of both keywords in Youtube.

Describe your channel and link it to your channel page. Drive viewers to subscribe (and include a subscribe link). Link to other episodes or related videos and playlists.

Watch the Video:

3. Add Descriptive Tags

These are really important if you want your video to get ranked on multiple keywords.

Include a mix of both general and specific tags.

Use enough tags to thoroughly and accurately describe the video.

Update catalog videos’ tags when new search trends emerge.

Include keywords from your title in your video’s tags. List them in order of relevance to the video and try to use the whole 500-character limit.

The Easiest way to find out the tag is to install the chrome extension

Vidiq or Tubebuddy .. Just go to your competitor channel and see what kind of tags they have used in it. Just copy those and put relevant tags that describe your videos.

4. Create a Custom Thumbnail

The first attraction for the viewers to open up your video so that it can increase your watch time.

Use visual cues (colors, images, shapes, personalities) that are consistent with your brand.

Clear, in-focus, high-resolution (1280px by 720px min).

Bright, high-contrast and close-ups of faces tend to work better.

Use create an awesome thumbnail use and to remove background from your image use this magical website called without using photoshop it takes only 2 seconds to get an awesome background photo.

5.  Add Info Cards

Cards are a way to complement your video’s content and enhance the viewer’s experience with contextually relevant information. They are a great way to encourage your viewers to engage with your video and take meaningful actions as a result.

When appropriate, set cards to open a new window when clicked. Be careful! Don’t take viewers away from a video too soon.

Drive viewers to your website to check out product information.

Drive viewers to your other videos, playlists, and channels as well as merchandise.

6.  Add to Playlist(s)

Playlists make it easy for viewers to sit back and watch multiple videos of yours with minimal effort which increases views and watch time for your channel.

Add to more than one playlist if it makes sense.

Add this video to a Playlist marked as an Official Series Playlist in order to keep the viewer from watching other channels after the video is over.

Create a new Playlist if this video doesn’t fit into your existing Playlists

Listen to the Podcast

7.  Engage with the Video

Get the conversation started and pointed in the right direction.

👉Be the first to comment on your video and ignite discussion

👉Like your video (you do like it, right??)

👉Get your friends or colleagues in early to engage as well

8. Promote Across Existing Videos

👉Use your existing videos to drive traffic to this new upload for an initial boost.

👉Add an Info Card and or Description Links across all your videos to this new upload.

9. Share on Social Media

Use social media to improve your content’s discoverability and interact with your audience on multiple platforms.

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