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Think Success & You Will Have Success

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Think Success & You Will Have Success

Those who fail, follow the laws of failure. Those who succeed, follow the laws of success.
It is impossible to reach success with a scheme of failure thoughts in your mind.
It’s impossible to have good health with a scheme of illness thoughts.
Your behavior is directed by your thoughts. Thoughts of failure, disease, loneliness, and fear push you into a behavior that leads you directly to fail, become ill, feel lonely and fearful!
You can deny this principle or fight against it, you can believe it is not true or it doesn’t apply to you, but you will never be able to escape from it.

These principles govern all creation, also the creation of your life. The experiences of your life start in your head. And it is exactly there where your power lies: in your thoughts!
The universe will give you health if you learn to think in terms of health, not illness. You will have success if you think in terms of success, not failure.
Everything you think about repeatedly will manifest one day or another.
So why not think of what you want, instead of what you don’t want?

In either way, you will get what you asked for! So ask for good things by thinking of good things.
If you have an appointment with the dentist and you are afraid, do this: picture yourself in the dentist’s chair, visualize a great white light enveloping you, and say: Only healing hands touch me. Picture yourself there in the future having a good relaxing time, totally safe in the hands of someone who helps you to heal from pain at your teeth.

If you have an appointment for a job interview, picture yourself there in the room. What clothes do you wear? How is your hair? What perfume did you choose that morning? Visualize yourself filled with confidence. You talk fluently, you are sure of yourself and your talents are obvious.
Do you have a visit from your parents? You’re exhausted only by the idea? Change your idea! Picture yourself inviting your parents, opening the door, being calm and open-minded, spending a wonderful time with them. See yourself talking with your parents, they are listening, you listen to them, you stay centered on yourself, you can stay yourself in their presence. You feel how you love them and you feel their love for you.

Try this! And see what happens! It is all in the mind! It is in our thoughts we create our life. Even if you’re not conscious about this process, you use it anyway all the time. Every moment you have an idea in your head about what is going to happen. Or you think about something from your past, which you project on your future. You always have ideas in your head. Now that you know your thoughts create your life, which thoughts do you choose? Those who you want to see manifested? Take care of your thoughts, and the rest will follow! Think success, act like someone successful and success will come, without any doubt!

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