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Modern Rules of Mindset | The Digital Maddy Show | Guest: Craige Hardel

Modern Rules of Mindset

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In this episode, Host Mithyl Dave interviews Craige Hardel who is a Success Coach.

Craige is a success coach from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia who helps ambitious yet unfulfilled men and women overcome their fears and hit their big goals. Before starting his coaching business, Craige was a physical education teacher and an educational talk show host at the young age of 21. After a few years he moved into entrepreneurship freelance web designer
and social media manager and did client work. Lots of events occurred that rocked his life terribly including having a child and ending up losing him in the first 3 days. He also endured lots of personal hardship and eventually had to move from the strained relationship to become a new person.A few years later he then went on to live his true passion as a success coach in helping others reach their next level and achieve their big goals to reach their full potential. It is his mission to help others who have big dreams, many challenges/obstacles and are about to give up and to push through, refocus and live meaningful and fulfilled lives they were meant to. Craige enjoys documentaries and also watching soccer.

We discussed about the following Topics:

1. What are some key lessons you have few anyone struggling to get out that place and pick themselves up?
2. Why do most people unhappy and not get what they want out of life?
3. What are some things anyone can do to start changing their life today?
4. Why is it important that one invests in themselves?
5. What are some of they key things holding people back from success?


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