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Episode 119 – Savvy Strategies to Avoid Costly Design Mistakes by Shaun B | The Digital Maddy Show

Episode 119 – Savvy Strategies to Avoid Costly Design Mistakes by Shaun B

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In this Episode, Miithyl interviews Shaun Brandt who enjoys chatting about “Savvy Strategies to Avoid Costly Design Mistakes”.
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Shaun is a designer and brand builder who is an expert at perfecting the customer journey and reducing friction points. Shaun is the co-founder of Oddit which offers Brand-first solutions for DTC brands. He and his team have worked with over 1,000 DTC/eCommerce brands including Hu Kitchen, Corkcicle, P&G, Pela Case, JUDY, Winc, and Jones Road Beauty to help them boost conversion & strengthen brand loyalty through their website. He has founded & developed many companies including Versett, Federal Moto, Kulin Co., Mast Hair, and Wilfred’s.

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