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The Journey of an Affiliate Marketer | The Digital Maddy Show | Guest: Robert Wardill

The Journey of an Affiliate Marketer

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In this Episode, Host Mithyl Dave interviews Robert Wardill who is a Affiliate Marketer.

Robert Wardill is a High Ticket Affiliate Marketer – multi careered and skilled Accounting,  Computer Tech MCSE Qualified,  Britsh PGA Golf Pro,  4 years into Digital Marketing. Many years forced accrued and applied knowledge on alternative healing modalities. Lived in various countries Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), South Africa, UK, Germany, Malaysia

Work experiences: Diamond Prospector Debeers Accounting, Local Deejay, Trust accountant, Computer Technician, Golf Teaching Pro Golf, Retail Landscaper/design and built low end golf course, Digital Marketing.

Connect to Him:

Youtube: robertlwardill

Instagram: @robertlwardill

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